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Najat Aatabou is a popular Moroccan artist born, in Khemisset, on May 9,1960.

As a child, she dreamt of becoming a lawyer. But things went differently. Since her childhood, Najat liked to sing. She used to sing Algerian Rai songs everywhere, and especially on her way to school. At the age of 13 years old, she used to sing in her school’s parties as well as in wedding ceremonies, without the knowledge of her family.

On one of these parties, a guest recorded one of her songs and distributed it illegally in Morocco. Her family discovered her vocation and her brothers threatened to kill her if she continued to sing. She ran away and coincidentally met a famous Moroccan music producer.

He convinced her to move with him to Casblanca, where she met the artist Hussein Tulali who loved her voice and her performance, so he encouraged her during her career and introduced her to the public to be one of the most famous artists at a later time. Najat rose to fame in the 1980’s.

She was the first to speak about taboos such as the relation between men and women in her songs. She also sang about social issues,and the life of immigrants using the French, Arabic, and Berber languages. Her first album "Jen Ai Marre" sold more than 500 thousand copies.

Najat participated in several festivals and national celebrations. She was also the third Arab woman to sing in the Olympia in Paris, in1984 and 2000. Najat Aatabou released many albums throughout her career. Her last album released in 2010 includes the singles "Ahbab Galbi", "Alaachanek Tanmout Ena", and "Meskina Ena".

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