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Nihal Nabil is an Egyptian upcoming artist, who started her career with sure steps, performing some serial soundtracks, and collaborating with some other artists in duets. The year 2010 witnessed the release of her first private album.

Once appeared as a pro artist, Nihal managed to attract a wide range of audience with her charming voice, which made of her the target of music producers and directors that proposed their collaboration contracts.

In her concerts participations, Nihal performed her best songs ever, such as “Ana Asheq” or “Doukan Shehata” movie song, and “Ah Men El Ayam” or “B’el Arabi Sendrella” movie song.

As collaborations, the artist co-worked with the upcoming singer Haytham Nabil in making the religious song of Ramadan 2010, entitled “Allaho Akbar”, the lyrics of which were written by Osama Mahrez and which was composed by Haytham Nabil.

Nihal shot some of her serial soundtracks in video clips, in an attempt to introduce her voice to the whole Arab world audience, who appreciated the amazing soundtracks of the soap operas “Sarah” of Hanan Turk and “Ellil We Akhro” of the Great Yehya El Fakharany.

The promising artist was chosen by Adel Al Asar to sing the soundtracks of the soap “Wara’e El-Tout”.

Another collaboration marked by Nihal, was the song “Lolak” in duet with Khaled Selim. She also performed “Sayad El Yamam” movie song.

As for her most recent works, Nihal performed the patriotic song “Kolena benghany Lmasr”, followed by “Kol El Arab” along with the Lebanese artist Marwane Khouri.

In 2010, Nihal Nabil released her first self-sponsored album ever, in which she collaborated with many of the most known figures of the Arab music world such as the poets Mohamed Atef, Hany Abdelkarim, Hassan Attia, Mohamed Ramadan, and Mohamed El Chennaoui, in addition to the composers Hani Nabil and Waleed Saad.

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