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Noura Rahal is a Syrian-Lebanese Singer who was born in Damascus to a Lebanese father and a Syrian mother.

Her career started as an actress and a singer of trailer music in many Syrian soap operas such as "Hawa Bahri", in which she sang the soundtrack with Michelle Achkar. She also acted in "Ahlam Kebira", "Beyt Jaddi", and "Safar". At the beginning of her career, she wanted to sing popular songs but her entourage advised her to sing romantic songs that better fit her vocal capacities.

She made her debut in 2001 with the two great singles "Sallemly Aalbak" and "Shoflak Hall". In 2006, the song "Kollou Aadi" became a hot-hit single that put Noura on the road of fame. She released many albums such as "Hobak Daa", "Ashwag Al Mageeb", "Meen Hiya", "Malikett Zamani", and "Donyeti Ahla".

The main title in her last album "Donyeti Ahla" entitled "La Tekhteber Sabri", translated in English as "Don’t Test My Patience", was a great hit single in the Middle East. She also shot many successful video clips. Noura had to postpone her career after being diagnosed with breast cancer. She traveled to Paris for treatment. Nevertheless, she lately performed in many concerts in and out of Syria.

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