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Nouhad Tarabay was born in the town of Sofer. His father was an agronomist, but he also was an author and poet, he has composed a work entitled: "Maalakat el Hayat" of four hundred verse and a book entitled: "Ayael El Sahraa". Nouhad Tarabay’s literary style and his choice of beautiful lyrics has been very much influenced by his father, he has even sung two of his poems "Wallah Yajmaouna W el Sabr Jamil" and "Mal El Hawa w Mali".

Nouhad Tarabay has been also influenced since his early childhood by the legendary late artist Farid El Atrach, who has been a friend of the Tarabay family for years. Nouhad Tarabay has received various medals and honorary ribbons for his performances of Farid El Atrach’s songs. This success has led him to record a number of Atrach’s songs. After a while, he released his own amongst them: "Ana Falah", "Badna Netjawaz Aal Eid", "Ya Amira Ya Bent El Oumara" and "Mechwar El Hayat".

This was followed by a series of successful songs: "Al Amar Mosafer" and "Habibi" by Baligh Hamdi and "Tayeb Jeddan" by Shaker El Moji and he sang "Bahebak" for Riad El Nabak and others. Nouhad Tarabay did not limit his performance to Folkloric colors but he also extended it to include the Badawi genre through the songs: "Wayna Zeina", "Bi Eez El Leil", "Terid Trouh W Tensana", "Wain El Khel", "A Bouwabkom Daet", "Wardet Leilkom", and "Wennabi Tedhak" etc.

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