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Olfa Ben Romdhane is an artist who likes singing since chilhood.

She first covered the songs she loves and knows before starting composing her own music. She grows up in an artistic family that’s why she was determined to follow this path. Actually her father, who is a member of the "la troupe nationale de la Rachidia" since his childhood, pushes her to pursue a career in music.

Few years later, Olfa was spotted by Mohamed Salah Harakati who appreciates her talent and generosity. In 1999, Olfa Ben Romdhane wins the second prize of the Tunisian song festival with her single "Nitrajjak". She will win the first prize two years later with her single "Ana Awwadtek". In 2003, she moves to Cairo to pursue her career and work with Ali Suleiman, a well known composer, on the song "Nadhara".

She signs with the label Rotana in 2005 and releases "Ashab", "Seneh an Seneh" and "Maakoul Tekoun Enta". She also sings some of her greatest hits songs in Abdelliya Palace. Olfa Ben Romdhane becomes quickly famous thank to her incredible live performances and her extraordinary voice.

She came to prominence following her debut composition "Ashab" which was followed by several other successful singles. Throughout her career, she released many songs to the delight of her fans. She collaborates with other artists and production companies to create unique and original work. This is the case of "Tarabiat" an album that she performs with Ettounsia Production.

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