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Ooleya Mint Amartichitt is a panegyrist from Mauritania, who was born in 1965.

She lived in an atmosphere of vocal chanting. Her father, a great eulogist of his time, taught her from an early age all the hymns. They perform during religious festivals, birthdays of the Prophet, Ramadan and religious vigils. Her father often refused that she attends various vigils and panegyrics practice reserved for men, until 1983, when her father fell seriously ill, and the disease became deadly.

The young Ooleya joined the group of father. Encouraged by her paternal aunt who took her under her wing in the group. She seduced with her voice, her presence, her singing, her breath and her beauty all its audience. Her path reminds of Oum Kalthoum's path. The great Egyptian diva, who made ​​her debut as well with her father in the panegyrism, chanting the Koran and religious poems. Ooleya quickly became an independant and popular singer. Some of her greatest hits are: "Ya El Mostapha", "Mima", "Laqriba" and many more...

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