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Aouled Gaboudia is the name of a Tunisian Chaabi music band founded in the 1980’s, in the City of Sousse.

Although the group is not currently active on the scene, their songs released in the first album “Babour Elli hez Rkia” of 1988, are still successful and unforgettable.

Indeed, the collection album of Folkloric songs is still successful and celebrated in weddings and parties all over the country. It is also celebrated in other countries where a large Tunisian community resides.

Moreover, the song “Elli hez Rkia” is a single from the old heritage of Tunisian folklore, yet the re-performance and musical re-distribution of Aouled Gaboudia made it a great hit for several seasons, all along with “ya salef aicha”, “Jatchi Mradi”, “Ma bin zouz jbal”, “Bellah ya mahfil lebnat”, and “Halima w mahbouba”.

Along with other groups like Aouled Jouini, Aouled Gaboudia are a part of the Orchestras culture that was dominating all along the 1980’s and the 1990’s.

Unlike the last century, the new century has brought a new era, dominated by a solo performance concept to replace the collective performance spirit that has started to vanish. Yet, Aouled Gaboudia remain in the memory of their fans all over the world.

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