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ابوزياد اهلاوسهلا
Saam Arng
Mehmet şakir
Mehmet şakir Bilici
Belasan Basfar
يوسف راشد

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Rabeh Saqer is a Saudi artist, singer and composer, born as Essa Saqer in the City of Riyadh, on 6th February, 1964.

His first appearance was in the year 1992 with the hit "Ya Nassim Elleil", then he released other songs like "Beeskat", and "Sabrine".
Rabeh is also a very successful composer, since he composed for the greatest Khaliji performers such as Rashed El Majed, Abdullah Al Rowaished, Nabeel Shuail and Nawal Al Kuwaitiya in her great hit "Tadri wala ma tadri".

The artist also belongs to Rotana’s play list. Indeed, his first album with the label was released in 2002 under the title "Rabeh 2002", then he released another album in 2004 under the title "Rabeh 2004", and he topped the Rabeh series by "Rabeh 2007". In 2008, he released the Albums "Sadeqni" and "Ehsas", then "Jalssate Eriadh" in 2009, and finally "Yehiqelak" in 2010.

In addition to album releases, Rabeh is also an active artist on the Arab scene as he participated in many festivals of great cities like Cairo, Dubai, Beirut, Damascus, and Riadh. He is also a patriotic artist who never lets occasions, like the National day, pass by without leading a concert in tribute to his country’s dignity and prosperity. His greatest songs in the latest 2010 album are "Azaal Aleik", "Tekalamna", and "Mjafe".

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