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Ramy Ayach, artist insatiable

Born in August 18, 1980 at Baakleen, Lebanon, Ramy Ayach is both singer and songwriter. His favorite instruments are the oud, but also guitar, piano and drums.

Like many Lebanese celebrities, Ramy Ayach began making a name on the set of the TV show "Studio El Fan" in 1996. On this occasion, he played the song Beghnaeela produces on the audience an impression and gets him to win the gold medal.

Besides, this song was an immediate success. With it, Ramy Ayach is nominated for the award for "Best Song" in 1997. Naturally,he continues with the creation and release his first album Raeh. Then follows a global tour over 50 concerts that will take him to 12 countries in Europe and in the Middle East and the Americas.

In 1999, a contract signed with Rotana allows him to give birth to his second album, Welah, which is extracted the song Shtatilak who know a success. Other songs are distinguished as Sawad Elninny and Welah.

But Ramy Ayach does not slow downhis production and in 2000 released the album Diwan Al Hobb including the famous song Arfeeno experiencing rapid success through its particular video clip that fits on top of the charts for nearly a month.

Yet he knows it in 2002 with the consecration of Opus Albi Mal who finally reveals him to the eyes of the Arab world. The title holds consistently high ranking and allows Ramy Ayach to earn nominations and won the "Best Clip
Video.” Another initiative will continue its reputation, including his remake of the title Allaylo Ya Layla for the legendary Wadih El Safi.

December 2006 saw the release of a new album entitled Habbaytak receiving many rave reviews. Some knowledgeable observers do not hesitate to characterize the compositions of the Lebanese artist as features of a "new sound of the Arabic music industry."

In 2009, we can report this duet he recorded the song on Abeer Nehme tends jazz Belaaks. Today, Ramy Ayach evolves under the label Melody Music. At this rate of production and success,he is on course to be included as one of the immortals of the Arabic song.

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