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Rashed El Majed is a famous Saudi singer with a powerful voice born in 1970 in Bahrain.

In 1984, at the age of 14, the young Rashed started his career. Indeed it is his sports teacher who first discovered the vocal talent of his pupil and who encouraged his path. Moreover it’s the sports teacher who writes his first song, "Helwa Yalbahrinia" (in the album "Ah Ya kalbi") that not long goes on air in the telecast "Bab Sindabad"...

Rashed continued his academic studies and received his degree in Arabic literature. He then participated in events throughout the country and the famous "20 Hujja Opera" of the great Mohammed Abdo. Increasingly adored by a wide audience, he received numerous awards and honors ...

Singer whose voice seems to come from a deep and mysterious world, Rashed El Majed is considered one of the most worthy representatives of musical Saudi Arabia and the Gulf, a vocal talent and a genius producer, along with Mohammed Abdo or Abdul Majeed Abdullah.

Honors that have earned him the nickname the "Sindbad of khaliji song" (Gulf). His career has no fewer than 600 songs and over 30 albums including the last, "Al Batool" published in 2010, and "Jalasat Wannasah" the same year; confirm the extent of its performance.

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