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Reda Taliani , whose real name is Tamni Reda, is born in Algiers, in 1980. He is considered as a specially talented artist. Since he was 5 years old, he has had a great sensitivity and passion for art.
He took solfege and Mandolin courses at the Arab-Andalusian Music Conservatory of Kolea.

Inspired by Bob Marley, George Wassouf, as well as Alpha Blondy, he decided to start his career as a professional singer. At the beginning of his career, he met the producer Issam, with whom he co-worked for 4 years. Later on, he signed a contract with the famous Dounia production, which made him one of the best Rai artists and promoted him to a very successful singer.

He sings different styles like Chaabi, traditional music, and Rai, mixing them together in a very amazing way. He released a first song ‘Ache Dani Elwahd Tayara’. In 2004, he released a hit album ‘Josephine’.

Reda is a controversial artist who raised many criticisms around him, especially about the issues he treats in his songs. Some people say that he is the reason behind the suicide of many Algerian young people.

He currently lives in Aubagne –France, in the goal of facilitating his collaboration with several artists, like 113 rap, with whom he collaborated on a hit single ‘Partir Loin’. The single was the soundtrack for the movie ‘Eloued’. Reda’s last world hit single ’ la fiesta’, was released in 2010.

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