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A rare diamond

Rimas, also known as REMAS Ssmata is an Arab singer born in April 29, 1989 in Saudi Arabia. Very young she met the famous composer Farouk Sharnobie who was captivated by her voice and encouraged her to sing. She decided to start her career in Egypt, home host to many artists.

Her career began in earnest during her meeting with the singer Alkasr Saud Jaber, with whom she participated in an operetta, « les enfants sous les bombardements », which condemns all wars in the Arab world, including Palestine, Lebanon and Iraq.
Her first song, "Jay Ytmahak" which was a great success was also shot in video clip.

In addition to music, she also plays alongside the Syrian actress Mourad Joumana, in a television series produced by Hamdi Al Ibrashi. Her first album "Zaalta" published in January 2011 is a triumph. Asked about her name, this talented singer Al REMAS answer that diamond is a unique specimen, rare and expensive, and although several have advised her to change his name, it is no less proud.

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