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Sandy The beautiful Dolly of Egypt

Sandy is the upcoming female singer from Egypt.

The lady was born in Cairo, Egypt. She studied tourism and hotel management at Alison Academy for four years. Yet, her great talent pushed her to diverge from her academic path, to take a singing career.

In addition to her soft voice, Sandy is endowed with a charming beauty, making her able to become a spectacular star.

When she comes to choose her lyrics, Sandy becomes so meticulous, requiring them to be soft, flexible and easy to learn, in respect to her average voice.

Sandy released her first album “Kol Ma Aarab” 2006, Distributed by Star Label, including the album hit “Kol Ma Aarab”, lyrics by Hany El Sogar and composed by Mohamed Raheem.

In 2009, the Diva of Egypt released her first single hit “Shofto Makalemnish”, Lyrics by Mohamed Rafaey and composed by Hosam Badran, the video was directed by Younis.

Her first single was a big success, and its musical quality was a big step ahead in her musical career.

Sandy is more than just a rising talent, she has surpassed expectations and risen above the rest of her generation, she simply has marked the musical scene in a big way, now for years to come.

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