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Shireen Mohamed Abdel Waheb is an Egyptian artist born in Cairo, on October 10th, 1980.

Her passion for art and music drove her to join the Conservatory of Arab Music. At the same time, she was performing in private parties and celebrations. Two years after her enrollment in the conservatory, she joined the Arab Music Band of the Opera House in the hope of catching composers’ and music makers’ attention.

In the year 2000, she co-released a duet "Bahebbek" with the singer Mohamed Mouhi. The latter included the song in his album "Soura W Damaa". In the same year, she released a new single "Ah Ya Lil" by the Lyricist Salah Almorsi, and composed by Salah Alchernoubi. The single was produced by Free Music Productions owned and managed by Nasr Mahrous. It was so successful that it became a hit which paved the way for her success and fame.

After this success, most producers were encouraged and started co-working with her. In 2002, Shireen released her first album "Garh Tany" as a solo singer. She also released a compilation album "Roo", considered as unofficial. In 2006, Shireen performed the songs of the movie "An El Ish Wel Hwa". The movie’s theme song, "Keteer Ben’Ssha" became a major hit.

In 2007, she released a new duet "Qalbi Lik" with Hani Shaker. The same year, she signed a contract with Rotana productions to produce two albums without time limits. Shirine has a single experience as an actress, as she was the leading actress in the movie "Midou Machakel",co-acting with "Ahmed Helmi". Shrine’s albums and singles are successful, and she is mostly known for singles such as ‘Jarhi tani’, ‘Sabri Alil’, and ‘Boss Baa’.

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