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mobark abdalrhman
عبدالرحمن حاتم
Dufyan Al Dosari
احمد علي
waleed sagei

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Talal Madah was a Saudi singer, composer and artist born in 1939. Born Talal Aljabiri, he got the name Madah from his aunt’s husband Ali Madah who raised him from his early childhood. At an early age, when he was in school, his passion for singing was already clear. He used to take part in all the singing activities, and was known for the purity and beauty of his voice.

Talal learned how to play ‘Oud’, and adored the Hijazi music style. In the 1950s, he met Abbas Fayegg Ghazazoui, who was then the director of the radio. The latter encouraged him to come to broadcast and record his first song ‘Wardak ya Zariaa Alward’. The song was very successful and was broadcast on the radio many times per day. Later on, he released the songs ‘Ala Ettarikk’and ‘Souwayat Alassil’ for the National Radio.

His journey outside the kingdom began in Lebanon where he shot his sole film ‘The road of fog’ in which he co-acted with Sabah, Samira Baroudi, and Rachid Alama. Talal turned to composing. His songs ‘Aghrab’and ‘Magadir’ were behind his acting in the TV series ‘Alasil’ with Mohsen Sarhan. Talal Madah participated in all the Music festivals of the Arab countries with no exception. He also won many awards and tributes. The last award was in the Arab Song Festival in Cairo in 1998.

Talal composed songs for Samira Said, Samira Tawfik, Anghem, Feyza Ahmed, Abdelmajid Abdallah, Raja Belmlih, and Zekra. He also collaborated with great lyricists and composers such as Abdallah Al Fayçal, Badr Ben Abdelmohsen, Ibrahim khafaji, Mhamed Abdel Wahad, Mohamed Almouji, and Baligh Hamdi.

In 2000, Talal collapsed and died suddenly on ‘El Meftah Stage’ in front of his fans while he was performing an intro to one of his songs.

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