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Talal Salama or Talal Hassan Mohammed Salama was born in October 16th 1966, in Medina, Saudi Arabia. He has been singing since he was a child. Music flows into his veins, and his family, aware of his talent, is totally supportive.

He was 19 years old in 1985 when he released his first song "Allah Allah Ya Mentakhabna". It is the official song of the national football team. It’s a huge success.

Talal has more than 11 albums, including some of the following: “Hassafa” (1985), “Laha Sari” (1994), “Ta3alamtou el Gharam” (2001), "Sadikini" (2006) and "Majbour" (2007). He records his own Koran Readings, as well.

Talal is not only famous in Saudi Arabia, he conquered the entire Arab world when he signs up with Rotana Records, the Arab world largest label records.

He lives with his family, wife and children in Djedda. His latest album is "Talal Salama 2011".

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