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The Golden Boy Of Arabic Music

Tamer Hosny is an Egyptian Pop artist born in Cairo on August 16,1977. As a child, his dream was to be a soccer player. When he failed in fulfilling his dreams in sports, he turned to the world of music .His dreams to be an artist were greatly supported by his mother. At a young age, he wanted to be like Mohamed Fawzi; an unforgettable multiple talented classical artist in the old Egyptian days.

As a teenager, he started playing the piano and the guitar. At the age of 17 Nasr Mahrous a prominent figure in the Al Nil channel and the manager and owner of "Free", a music production company- noticed him while he was singing at one of his friends’ birthday parties. Mahrous offered him the opportunity to perform in the TV show "Almeganawati".

Tamer Hosny proved his talent and artistic abilities that day. Tamer Hosny’s career started with the release of his first single "Habibi Winta Baeed" in 2001. His breakthrough happened one year later when he performed a duet "Law Kount Neseet" with the famous artist "Shireen Abdul Wahab".

The duet became a best selling single. In 2004, his first album "Hob" recorded a huge success. It became a bestselling album in 2005 with over 700 thousand copies sold. Tamer Hosny is now considered as one of the best multiple talented artists .He released many albums such as "Enayah Bethebak"in 2006,"Ya Bent El Eh" in 2007, "Arrab Kaman" in 2008, "Ha Eech Hayati" in 2009, and "Ekhtart Sah" in 2010.

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