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Michel Kfoury, known as Wael Kfoury .

He is a Lebanese artist born in the city of Zehla, on September 14, 1974. Since he was young, his father taught him how to perform the ‘Mawawil’ musical style. He also re-performed the songs of Abd El Halim Hafez and Wadih El Safi, with great passion. People around him encouraged him to start an artistic career as they predicted that he would be a great singer.

Later on, Wael moved to Beirut to continue his academic studies. In 1992, he had the opportunity, to participate in the notorious TV show of Simone Asmar ‘Studio Studio El Fen’, and won the Gold Medal. He released a first song ‘Ma Waadtek Be Nojom Al Lail’. Immediately, it became a hit. In 1994, he released his first album ‘Shafouha Wa Saroo Yegolou’ under the label Music Box.

The album revealed Wael’s great talent in performing traditional popular Lebanese style. The album included the song ‘Lail Wa Raad Wa Reeh’, that put him on top of the music charts and helped him to step forward on the path of fame. In the following year, 1995, another hit album was released by Music Box entitled ‘Maeet Feki’. Despite a relatively long absence, during which Wael had to serve in the military.

His fame continued to spread all over the Arab world. During the military service period, he released a very successful single entitled ‘Bokra Rayeh Aal Jish’, a song about love and the country. In 1998, and after finishing his duty, Wael released one of his best albums ever under the title ‘Chebbak Al Hob’. The album was labeled as a great hit and classified as a bestselling album that broke the selling records in the Arab world.

Throughout his career, Wael has released hundreds of songs, 17 video clips, and two ads. He was rewarded with the Murex D’Or five times as well as with several honors from different organizations in Lebanon and abroad. Wael went on tours in different countries all over the world such as: Tunisia, Jordan, the Americas, Canada, and Australia.

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