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Born on October 24, 1980.

Walid Samara was one of the Middle-East Star Academy’s third season candidates. Although graduate as a mechanical engineer, he was extremely passionate about music. Indeed, He learnt music theory along with playing Guitar, which enabled him to write his lyrics and compose his songs by himself.

During his participation in Star Academy, Walid was immediately admired by the audience, in addition to the attention of the jury members, who encouraged him during the competition to make his singing career. By the end of the program, Walid kept working as an engineer, in parallel to his singing career. He appeared on many TV shows, after the release of his first album in 2005, entitled “Alabatt Bgadd”, comprising many hit titles like “Ismaani”, “Hafdal ahebb fiky”, “Hykayti maak”, and “Mech Ayez Ahlam”.

In 2007, the artist witnessed the release of his second successful album entitled “Fatet Sana”, among the songs of which we recall “Ansak”, “Malek”, “Rbina W Kbirna”, and “Habiby”... According to many music experts, Walid is considered as a promising talent that one day would reach a prestigious status.

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