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Zain Awad is a Jordanian artist. She was born in 1978. Since she was a child she was passionate and fascinated with arts and music. Her family highly appreciated music. In a very short time, they discovered her talent and passion for music. Indeed, Zain is endowed with a beautiful voice and a special presence. At school, Zain became a key singer who participated in all the events organized there.

Zain completed her BA degree in Music in the Jordan Music Academy. She specialized in piano playing and in singing. Between the years 1996 and 2003 she also obtained a BA degree in physical education from the University of Jordan.

When she was still a student, Zain had the opportunity to take part in several concerts and live performances. In 1992, Zain took part in the Peace Child Concert organized under the patronage of Prince Hassan. She performed alongside with children from other schools. In 1994, she performed the Arabic version of the song ‘The Family’, as a contribution in the Family Year organized by the UN. She also performed the lead singing role in ‘Mayes Al Reem’ play. In 2003, Zain represented Jordan in a lead singing role at the ‘Cultural Exchange Festival’ in Germany. In 2005, she participated in a concert celebrating Fairuz, organized by the National Music Conservatory.

At one point of her career, Zain decided to sing in Jazz style. Indeed, she converted a number of her own songs into a jazz style. This experience was very successful.

Zain produced her first album ‘Ala Wa’di’ in Egypt. It includes 12 songs. The album ‘ la Tajdely’ followed.

Zain had the opportunity to perform on many occasions in her country as well as in foreign countries. For example, she had the occasion to perform in two concerts in England.

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