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Ziad Al Rahbani is a Lebanese artist born on January 1,1956.

He grew up in an artistic environment as he is the son of Assi Al Rahbani and Fairuz. Ziad’s first work was “Sadiqi Allah”, a collection of writings in the late1960’s. Few years later, in 1973, his uncle Mansour Al Rahbani assigned him the task of composing the single “Saalouni El Nass”. His mother was to sing the song about his father’s forced absence.

The single gained recognition and became a hit that gave Ziad respect as an upcoming composer. His career in the theater was a bit different. He did act in several plays such as “Al Mahatta", “Miss Al Rim” in his first steps but, then his political views were highly present in his roles that followed. Ziad Al Rahbani co-worked with several artists including his mother Fairuz .

He produced many solo albums such as “Belly dance” in 1972, “Ana Moush Kafer” in 1985, “Bema Enno” in 1996 and “Live At Damascus Citadel” in 2009. He also produced several songs and concerts for his mother which guaranteed him a great success such as “kifek Inta” 1991 and “Wala Kif” 2001. Moreover, he performed in musicals such as “Bel Nesbi La Bokra Chou” 1978. Ziad Al Rahbani is known to be a communist and atheist.

His political and religious views drew the harsh criticism of some people and the admiration of others. Nevertheless, Ziad has always mixed politics with arts. His strong satirical views were shown in most of his musicals and artistic pieces. Now, he lives in Beirut and he has reserved all the rights to the Al Rahbani family plays and musicals.

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