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Fi Ayounek

Fi Ayounek

Asaad Wahda


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In Your Eyes

In your eyes, mystery and secrets

In your eyes, a trip and a journey

My heart is a poet of words

Whispers his feelings

poems and verses

inside your eyes

I could waste my lifetime, waste my soul, and get lost in your eyes

in your eyes I felt safe

in your eyes my heart is drowning

Take the lead as it suits you

call me, throw me, but keep me close to your heart

if somebody really wants something from me

he must ask me by the sake of your eyes

Come along, let me have peace with myself because you’re by my side

I put my life in your hands, and I will die loving you

and life with your love has the real meaning of life

The eastern magical nights are in your eyes, the western seas and its breeze

I’ll exile in any country, and I’ll get you all the flowers of Baghdad

because today I have a date inside your eyes

a sweet breeze comes from Beirut, caressing my cheek
I miss your eyes

Your eyes are my land and country
In your eyes I settle down
In your eyes I’m born again

for the sake of your life hide me within yourself from the world
and protect me, in your eyes

and write our names on a paper of Jasmine flower
With letters of your own colors

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